Corporate Events

A fun and exciting team-building experience for your business!

Escape Shreveport & Escape Bossier

can help you unlock excellence in your organization!

A 2015 Gallup survey states that,

Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work. Gallup’s extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Engaged employees support the innovation, growth and revenue that their companies need.

Benefits of our corporate and team building experience include:


One escape game for each member of your group

Your choice of games from those currently in operation

Dedicated time and space for your group

Closed to the general public to allow more flexibility (available on non-general operating times)

Game times synchronized for larger groups
Observation of the game play by one member of your group

Management can observe members playing the escape games to see how they interact in a team-building situation


  • Allows you to hold your meetings away from the every-day office environment
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks provided for all members of the group


  • Let us take care of feeding your group
  • Various local eateries to choose from
  • Prices range from $10-$20/person


  • Why not add an extra game to your package?  Change the people in each game to see how your members interact with others, or keep the teams the same for that ‘true’ challenge!!

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