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A 2015 Gallup survey states that, "Engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work. Gallup’s extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Engaged employees support the innovation, growth and revenue that their companies need." Gallup survey

Benefits of our corporate and team building experience include:

The John Maxwell DISC Method

Here at Escape SBC, we value you and your employees.  We know that most successful businesses depend on their employees to help ensure that success.  We also understand that no two employees are alike.  They all have different personality traits that make them unique.  Have you ever wondered exactly where your team fits on the personality scale?  Now is your chance to find out.  Our John Maxwell DISC Certified Coach and Trainer will help you assess your team to find out their personal strengths and weaknesses to help them better communicate as a team and be more productive team members. “You must know yourself in order to grow yourself.” – The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell.


DISC is a behavioral assessment tool used to reveal the following styles of a person:

  • Behavioral style
  • Communication style
  • Strength style
  • Leadership and work style


DISC is an understandable model with understandable language and training.  During our DISC accessible packages, a Certified John Maxwell DISC Trainer will observe your team’s behaviors as they race against the clock solving clues to conquer the escape game.  During this observation, the trainer will key in on compromising patterns of behavior and communication that affect the team’s performance.  The DISC Coach will then meet with your group either for a Professional Development Bootcamp or a 2-hour personality profile assessment and training session. 

The DISC workshop will help your team with the following:

  • Better communication
  • Easier collaboration within teams/groups
  • Gain a better understand of each other’s unique strengths
  • Increase in team morale and camaraderie
  • Increase conflict resolution skills


Houdini Package

Give your team morale a booster shot with some FUN! Use your noodle to solve clues in a race against the clock and your team is sure to leave refreshed and invigorated!

Package includes:
- One escape game for each member of your group
- Private game play for your group (No strangers!)
- Escape game start times synchronized for larger groups

Alcatraz Package

Take your team's morale to the next level with this fun package! Choose an escape room adventure and enjoy our conference room space for your next off-site meeting.

Package includes:
- One escape game for each member of your group
- Private game play for your group (No strangers!)
- Up to 4 hours of usage in our large conference room meeting space
- Space includes tables and chairs set up in your preferred configuration
- Television where you can connect your laptop for your presentation
- Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks included

Iron sharpens iron package
$85/person (8-person minimum)

Test your problem-solving skills with a fun and friendly activity! With this package, you'll enjoy time together as a team in one of our adventure games followed by a 2-hour skill-sharpening Professional Development Bootcamp led by a John Maxwell Team Certified coach and trainer. You may come in a little weary, but your sure to leave sharper and ready to chop through whatever may come your way!!Package includes:- One escape game adventure for each member of your group - Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks included

Escape and discover package
$125/person (8-person minimum)

Escape the daily grind for some fun and professional development! First, you'll work together as a team in a race to beat the clock to escape one of our fun adventure rooms. Next, you'll receive a 2-hour training session with a John Maxwell Team Certified DISC Coach & Trainer. In this training, you and each of your team members will:
- Receive a personal DISC personality profile report
- Develop a deeper self-awareness of yourself
- Understand your unique strengths and weaknesses
- Gain skills that will help you excel in the workplace

From learning how to communicate and reduce conflict with other personality styles to building better and more productive teams, you're sure to WIN with this corporate package!

Package includes:
- One escape game adventure for each member of your group
- Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks included

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