We do not offer refunds for any of our games.  However, if you are not able to make your game, you can reschedule for no cost up to 24-hours prior to your game.  If you need to reschedule within 24-hours of your game time, there is a $20.00 fee per ticket to reschedule.

Our standard ticket cost is $25 plus tax per person regardless of age.   We  offer a $3.00 discount for military, police, fire, EMT’s, and college students on all of our tickets.   That option is available on our booking page.  Please see below for more information about those discounts.  Make sure you follow us on Facebook, as well, as we will occasionally be running contests and specials for discounts and free tickets!  www.facebook.com/escapesbc

Your safety is our utmost concern.  There will always be at least one accessible exit in every room and, for any locked exit door, there will be an emergency key easily accessible near that door.  Please let us know if you have any other safety concerns in any of our games.

Some of our rooms can seem a bit small, especially if it is fully booked.   To avoid this, you can always book the entire room so you won’t  have to worry about a lot of other people in the room.  If you still have issues, there is always at least one door that remains unlocked during the game where you can exit at any time.   You can also call or e-mail us before booking to discuss which room(s) are the best for this issue.   We have had people play our rooms who were claustrophobic.  They were so involved in solving the puzzles, that their fears did not bother them at all!  Worth a try, maybe??

The majority of our rooms are not scary, nor do they have any live actors in them.  Any room that has scary effects or actors in them will be stated as such in the room description.

We do offer a military/firefighter/police/EMT price option when booking your room.  However, appropriate ID’s must be presented when you arrive for your room. ID’s must be shown for everyone booked using the discounted rate.  Anyone not showing the appropriate ID upon arrival for the game will be charged the full rate automatically to the credit card used for booking.  Family members also may qualify for the discounted rate with presented ID.

All of our games are public games, meaning that you could be grouped with strangers.  You have the option to reserve a private game, however, by reserving your game using the Private Option during your reservation.  It will require you to reserve all available spaces, but you will get a discount of $25 off of the full game price.  That being said, playing with strangers is a great way to meet new people and benefit from their puzzle-solving skills!

Yes, we do.  You can click here to purchase gift vouchers which are valid for any of our rooms.  The recipient of the voucher can pick their room at the time of redemption

You also have the option to purchase a physical gift card.  Just come by either our Shreveport or Bossier City to purchase your cards!  Each card is valid for one game for one person.

You can reserve any of our games using the Private Booking option and save $25 off of the full game price.  For any game that holds 6 people, the private game price is $125 +tax.  For a game that holds 8 guests, the private game price is $175 +tax.  Make sure you check the box for Private Game when you reserve your space.

As we are a family-friendly place, no alcoholic beverages are allowed on our premises at any time.  We are not zoned to sell or to serve alcohol to our guests, even for private events.  Also, we do not allow anyone to participate in our games who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason without a refund.

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